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Yacht Package

Explore the serene waters of Pattaya in style. Our yachts provide the perfect setting for a luxury voyage.

Sail on our picture-perfect yacht and capture memorable moments against the backdrop of Pattaya’s stunning coastline.

Looking for a private, intimate sea voyage? Choose our private yacht option for an exclusive, relaxing journey.

Enjoy a lively atmosphere on our shared yacht where you can mingle with other tourists while appreciating Pattaya’s beautiful ocean views.

Dive beneath the waves with our diving equipment and explore Pattaya’s colorful marine life.

We offer personalized services available on-demand throughout your yacht journey.


Nong Noch Package

Delve into the diverse culture and nature of Pattaya with our Nong Noch package.

Navigate through the bustling local markets of Pattaya, experiencing the vibrant food, arts, and handicraft scene.

Get up close with a variety of exotic animals at the Nong Noch Tropical Garden.

Experience the thrill of exploring Pattaya’s unique Ice fort, a cool contrast to the city’s tropical climate.

Interact with friendly dolphins in a safe and respectful environment, a delightful experience for all ages.


Alcazar Package

Experience the electrifying nightlife of Pattaya with our Alcazar package.

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Witness a spectacular blend of music, dance, and costume at the world-renowned Alcazar Cabaret Show.

Honey Massage

Unwind after a day of sightseeing with a soothing honey massage at one of Pattaya's top spas.

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Pattaya Vehicle Rental Services

Get around Pattaya with ease and convenience with our vehicle rental services.

We offer a range of vehicles to suit your travel needs.